Best keyboards you've used ever!

From: Brent Hilpert <>
Date: Wed Sep 1 15:12:01 2004

Paul Koning wrote:
> PLATO 3 used reed switches, and I believe PLATO IV did likewise.
> Liquid proofing is clearly a good reason: those systems were intended
> for use by students (of all ages) and were certainly likely to have
> beverages spilled on them. Because of how they were built, a good
> scrub under hot water would fix them right up.

Jos Dreesen wrote:
> Tektronix also used this. The Tek 4014 has such a keyboard.

Thanks, I went looking for photos of Plato terminals but it's difficult to tell from the limited resolution of the ones I found. I'll keep on the lookout for photos of Plato,CDC and Tektronix terminals.
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