CD Shredder

From: ben franchuk <>
Date: Wed Sep 1 22:55:19 2004

Teo Zenios wrote:

> What's wrong with just breaking the cd in 2 and tossing it in the trash? Or
> if your a "girly man" (just a joke) just scratch the data layer. Unless you
> are doing top secret government work for a foreign nation nobody is going to
> even try piecing the thing back together with high tech gear. $130 is just a
> bit pricey for a cd shredder in my opinion. Oh, and for those who like to
> nuke things that should not get nuked, does your food taste a bit strange
> after you blast metal ions and pieces of carcinogenic polymer around in your
> food warming machine?

Well that can't be any worse than my cooking on the top of the stove.
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