Does the name 'Ed Kelleher' ring any bells?

From: ed sharpe <>
Date: Wed Sep 1 23:21:34 2004

Don't let it bring you down!
heck there are people that I email and they do not even reply.
But remember, that is just a calibration of their personality.
The odd thing is if they ever needed help I would still try to help them.

hope all ends well!
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Subject: Does the name 'Ed Kelleher' ring any bells?

> Fellow computer tinkerers,
> I had a recent E-mail exchange with a fellow named Ed Kelleher, apparently
> the president of a company called '' They appear to sell
> overpriced (to my eyes, anyway) DEC systems and parts.
> What had happened was that I had found, in my mail server logs, entries
> which showed that Mr. Kelleher had tried to send me something, only to
> have it bounced repeatedly due to the fact that I'm currently blocking
> traffic from the domain (this last due to RR.Com's utter lack
> of response to ongoing spam, port probes, and other abuse coming from
> their network).
> I sent him a polite note advising him of what I'd found, and asking him to
> please re-send the message to my backup address, which is not
> spam-filtered in any way that I know of.
> It worked -- sort of. I got back a very terse -- I would actually call it
> rude -- reply to the effect that he'd tried to send whatever he was
> sending five times, with and without attachments, and had finally given
> up. In his words "I don't care to send it again. Stupid policy of yours."
> This tells me right away that he has absolutely no concept of what I, as a
> self-hosted SysAdmin, go through each and every DAY, trying to protect my
> network effectively against outside abuse.
> That point aside, I sent back another polite request, saying that I'm
> sorry he felt that way, and asking that he please not blame me for doing
> what I felt necessary to protect my tiny corner of the Internet. I also
> asked him if he would consider at least telling me what it was he was
> trying to send.
> No response yet, of course. I'm not sure I'll ever see one. Based on what
> I saw of his company's web site, though, I suspect that what he had to
> send may have been of minimal value in any case (possibly even spam).
> Has anyone on the list had any contact with this person or his company?
> The vast majority of people that I've asked to re-send their original
> message have no problem with it, and are fully understanding of why their
> initial attempts might have been blocked. What's gotten into this fellow
> that he can't seem to understand the view from my side, especially
> considering that he sells (and presumably works with) computer goodies?
> Insights and opinions welcomed. Thanks much.
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> Blue Feather Technologies --
> kyrrin (at) bluefeathertech do/t c=o=m
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> surreal ports?"
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