mterm (was: Re: VT100 under SIMH)

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Thu Sep 2 00:18:53 2004

>> Did you remember to start it with "-termtype decansi"? [...]
> I guess I should read the instructions shouldn't I :^)

"When all else fails, read the instructions." :-)

> Oh, my gosh! This is pretty much the closest I've seen to what I'm
> looking for in a terminal emulator. A couple questions after looking
> through the doc file, is there a way to make the font larger (easier
> on the eyes), or get a scroll bar?

Font larger - yes, provided your X setup has such a font (probably so).
I'd suggest a bit of playing around with xlsfonts and xfd to find one
you like. (Note that non-monospaced fonts will look ugly, and
non-charcell fonts will tend to leave turds on the screen.) Then use
-fn or related options/resources. (If you want to switch fonts at run
time, you can either use the add-display DCS sequence or the mtadd
program to throw up a new window (and then have your window manager ask
the old one to go away), or you can use the set-font DCS sequence.)

Scrollbar - this is a SMOP, in sense 2 of the Jaron File entry. You're
far from the first to suggest such a thing, but the internal data
structures are not such as to lend themselves well to adding it; it
would more or less require rewriting a nontrivial fraction of the code.
(It might be possible to kludge such a thing in; provided the window
plus scrollback doesn't go over 32K (or maybe 64K) pixels high, it
might not even be very hard. But it would be an ugly kludge.)

> The only problem I see right now is that the delete key's on the Mac
> keyboard aren't mapped right. I'll have to see if I can figure out
> how to fix that.

xmodmap may be the tool you want. (May not, too; depends on too many
things I can't tell.)

> If I can get that fixed, I'm definitely going to be using this at
> least part of the time!

If it can help you, I'm glad.

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