Imaging SCSI hard disks

From: Kevin Handy <>
Date: Thu Sep 2 10:50:03 2004

Jerome H. Fine wrote:

>>Paul Koning wrote:
>> Jerome> Jerome H Fine <> writes:
>> Jerome> I realize that you are probably not running Windows 98 SE,
>> Jerome> but I have a Pentium III running Windows 98 SE (because I use
>> Jerome> E11 to run PDP-11 programs and this is the ONLY operating
>> Jerome> system which works)
>>I've said this before.... Linux seems to work just fine for me,
>>including hairy stuff like networking.
>Jerome Fine replies:
>I accept that Linux versions of E11 work very well, but I require
>one very special feature of the VT100 emulation:
>132 character text lines under KED within RT-11
>Does E11 under Linux allow this?
Under X11, use

    xterm -132

as your terminal, and 132 column switching escape sequences works.
I don't know why they don't just enable this by default. You can also
turn it on via shift-middleclick.

>I have tried a number of other Windows operating systems, but
>with the same hardware, only Windows 98 SE seems to work.
>I understand that Windows 95 works as well, but I did not have
>the correct AGP board at the time.
>One other aspect of the VT100 emulation is that when I use a
>standard PC keyboard with the 6 keys above the arrow keys,
>I am able to convert them to operate like the 6 EDIT keys on
>a VT220 keyboard (LK201). This allows me to use many of
>the features of the VT220 / LK201 keyboard. In addition, I
>have mapped the F1 - F12 PC keys into F6 - F20 for the
>LK201 keyboard (F14 was not possible). As a result, when
>I use the SL: (Single Line Editor) under RT-11, I have many
>extra features not available on a VT100. I also tested these
>features with a real DEC VT220 and the results were very
if you shift-leftclick and enable the vt220 keyboard, xterm maps
PF1-PF4 to F1-F4, and most of the Fn keys to the
corresponging F key on the PC keyboard.
Some other keys (help, etc.) get mapped to shift-Fn keys.

>I would appreciate any help in using Linux with E11 for these
>2 aspects I have just mentioned.
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