Manual for Intellec 8 ?

From: Jack Rubin <>
Date: Thu Sep 2 07:29:59 2004

Anybody have a spare copy of the "MCS-8 8008 Users Manual", Rev 4
(November, 1973) or later (though Rev 4 is the latest I've seen)? Al has
Rev 2 at bitsavers and I have a copy of Rev 3 (March,1973), but the
earlier manuals only deal with the SIM-8; Rev 4 introduces the Intellec
8. Of course I'd love to find the actual manual, but a good copy would
be greatly appreciated, as would any other info on the 8008-based
Intellec 8.

I've do have a fair amount of info on the 8080-based Intellec 8I which I
will be scanning and posting at bitsavers or Howard Harte's archive.

Jack Rubin
Wilmette, Illinois
Received on Thu Sep 02 2004 - 07:29:59 BST

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