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From: chris <>
Date: Thu Sep 2 11:32:07 2004

>But what IF a major service provider was to decide to "reduce spam" by
>prefenting ALL of their residential customers from accessing and SMTP server
>but their own [the cable company's].....
>This has actually happended here in NY. You MUST use their SMTP server!!!!
>[they have blocked ALL outbound traffic on port 25 except to their IP!]

Which is a huge hassle and annoyance.

My sister's ISP just started doing that (cablevision... probably the same
NY ISP you are referring to). She now has to have two different account
setups. One for when she is home and wants to send email, and one for
when she is traveling and wants to send email.

Major PITA if you ask me, and seriously overkill for the problem at hand
(but fairly typical of the cablevision attitude towards customers).

At least if you are going to block port 25, do it like AOL. Capture the
traffic and reroute it thru your own mail server. That way users can stay
blissfully unaware of the block, and continue to use one mail setup for
all occasions.

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