Does the name 'Ed Kelleher' ring any bells?

From: Jay West <>
Date: Thu Sep 2 12:42:07 2004

> Indeed. But only fools react to open relays by blacklisting an entire
> ISP domain, as (I think) ORBS has done.

Blocking a whole domain is silly, to me at least from the ISP prospective. I
defend an end client's right to do so though.

I am not aware of ORBS blocking whole domains, however, there ARE some
domains out there that are so exclusively the home of spammers I can
certainly understand it.

Of course mail server admins are free to do what they want, including open
relaying. However, I am also free to disallow my servers from talking to
servers run by such admins. Not a whole domain, but a particular mail
server. I guess is someone is infected with a contagious disease, one can
argue it is their right to stand on a street corner and intentionally cough
on everyone. But... I also have every right to walk away and not put myself
in contact with them. Same thing for mail servers. If someone configures
their server in such a careless way that my server connecting to it can
cause my server a problem (50gb of spam), I have every right to decide not
to allow connections to that mail server.


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