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From: Gerhard Lenerz <>
Date: Thu Sep 2 13:59:11 2004


Thursday, September 2, 2004, 8:07:07 PM, you wrote:

> someone on the east coast should give this a home.

  indeed. I always find it hard to believe how little information on
  these systems is left (and how few systems).

> looks to be a well configured system.

  Can't get very much better I guess.

  Looking at the IRIS pictures that have been popping up recently and
  my own one there are some things I'm wondering:

  1) Why do the IRISes look that different on their back sides? See
     auction pictures for one model, and see
     for another variant.

  2) Why does the 3130 shown in the links above have fewer Multibus
     slots (some in the middle are left blank without sockets)? Because
     it is an OEM machine that isn't supposed to offer the full
     capabilities of an IRIS?

  3) The wheels seem to be a common point of failure. I've got also
     one or two broken ones.

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