Does the name 'Ed Kelleher' ring any bells?

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Date: Thu Sep 2 15:22:06 2004

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> "Google - Images" for "Ed Kelleher" will show you a picture of my father
> (in white skivvy shirt) in Korea in 1952.
> I was a few months old at the time. He didn't see me till I was over 2
> years old. Another example of nasty American imperialists spending blood
> and treasure to take advantage of and enslave poor South Korea. As we did
> in France, Germany, Italy and Japan.
> And as we're doing to poor Iraq and Afghanastan today. My father made it
> back, seemingly whole, but didn't live much longer.
> as has been mentioned is my vocation.
> "Google - Web" for "Ed Kelleher grassroots" will show you my avocation.
> Sorry for long OT thing.
> Ed
Not your father's fault - or anyone else who served in the armed forces.
When it comes to governments that's different.
Without going back too far in time , Afghanistan wasn't doing too bad under
the Russians - women had the right to education and to wear what they liked.
It was a relatively stable and prosperous country for that part of the
world. Along comes Uncle Sam and gives old Osama and his mujahideen pals
lots of money and arms ( and cia training ) to kick out the Russians in a
bloody war and the muslims take charge - first thing they do is stop poppy
growing - no more heroin . Good thing huh? But the women are back in the
stone age. Then Al and the quieda's ( Osama's backing group ) start kicking
up shit and biting the hand that armed them - so in goes Uncle Sam and he's
still in there .The next thing you know - poppy/heroin production is at an
all time high - Yay ! Good thing huh? The country's in ruins , your soldiers
are being killed , the civilians are being killed- and your government
bloody well
started it !Old Osama and his gang got their start with the good 'ol US of
Governments start it and the population , on all sides , bear the brunt.
The words stir and hornets and nest spring to mind.
This is a rant against your ( and with Iraq - my ) government, not the poor
buggers who are in the firing line - which may be you or me soon.

p.s. you forgot south america - but the cia do a good job so no troops
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