CD Shredder

From: McFadden, Mike <>
Date: Thu Sep 2 15:51:00 2004

I was down at the computer surplus store and found a shredder in the
metal recycling bin. The case and covers were missing. I purchased it.
It has a chain drive, larger than a bike chain, large motor, and will
reverse if it stalls. Lots of nice whirring bare blades/disks.

It will handle about a 1/2 inch thick pile of paper at one time. CD's
don't even slow it down. My wife has come home to find me sitting on the
floor shredding old checks and tax returns. Kind of therapeutic to here
the whir and watch paper turned into strips. I then feed it in again and
out comes chips of paper. Paper clips are OK, only has a problem with
paper clamps.

Kind of dangerous, but what fun is a safe shredder. Probably needs dual
interlocks so that I must have both hands on them to prevent me
shredding my fingers.

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