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From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Thu Sep 2 17:15:39 2004

>>> >>>>From: Doc Shipley []
>>> It seems to me that your issue here is personal, and
>>> stems much more from the total lack of warning by opton,
>>> which *was* entirely negligent, than the actual policy of
>>> blocking port 25.

The anger, resentment, heat does come from the lack of warning, but I still
think my rational arguments hold.

>>> The final argument here is that if we wanted to run
>>> *real* mail servers, we'd have "real" connectivity, i.e.
>>> colocated hardware. As long as we're going with the much
>>> cheaper ISP route, we're at the mercy of the ISP's [often
>>> uninformed] whim.

Te servers I am talking are dedicated boxes which I (Dynamic Concepts
Development Corp) own are are co-located at a datacenter in Denver [with
backup servers in other states!]. And yes, I can use VPN's or other means to
establish connectivity, but they have their own issues (notably cost
althoguh that has come down).

It is practically impossible for some one to be "connected to the net"
without the use of some type of provider, although I often wish I had a
fiber connection with Cogent here at my home office, rather than just at the
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