CD Shredder

From: John A. Dundas III <>
Date: Thu Sep 2 17:42:50 2004

I admit, actually shredding the things would be satisfying, however,

At 6:27 PM +1200 9/2/04, Don Hills wrote:
>The shredder under discussion is overkill for most purposes. There's a much
>cheaper model around with two toothed rollers held together by a powerful
>spring. The CD passes between the rollers and gets covered with a myriad of
>tiny puncture marks on both sides. They're deep enough to puncture the data
>layer and too deep to be polished out. Plus the device is almost silent in
>use and much faster than the "shredder" model.

we too use a similar (or perhaps, the same) device. It is a Bosser
100DX CD Destroyer. A quick Google turned up:


Works quite well. Feel free to put the CD through a number of times
in different directions. Makes interesting patterns on the disc.

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