S.F. Bay Area -- PDP-11 HW available -- Disks and Tape for 11/44

From: William Maddox <wmaddox_at_pacbell.net>
Date: Fri Sep 3 08:16:51 2004

pzachary_at_sasquatch.com wrote:

> thanks for the heads up, snd I'd be glad to trade a micro pdp-11 for the
> 44, would you prefer a 11/23 in a ba23 deskside enclosure or a ba11
> rackmount enclosure?
> I'll try to get up to rescue the tape drive and perhaps at least the HDAs
> from the RA81s.
> Pavl_

Hi, Pavl.

Fred van Kempen is apparently interested in the disk drives as well, so
you might want to coordinate with him. At least make sure that the loot
is still there if you are going to try to beat him to it. :)

There is one complication -- I've since agreed to let Al Kossow borrow
the CPU for a bit. The power supply on his 11/44 died last weekend, and
he has been using it to read DECtapes. I figure I'd help him out until
he could get his power supply fixed. I'm not sure at this point how
long he will be needing it. Will let you know.

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