OT:Relays: Dumb question

From: Kevin Handy <kth_at_srv.net>
Date: Fri Sep 3 10:15:39 2004

John Lawson wrote:

> So I have a classic naive question:
> Why does there not exist a 'throttling mechanism' at every step,
> counting e-mails per minute, and directing messages above that
> threshold (and that are 'substantially similar)' to dev\null.
Have you ever forwarded a 'joke' to multiple people? That action
would trigger both your 'throttling mechanism' and your
'substantially similar' mechanism.

So, what you are proposing is the elimination of 'joke' email.

...which may not be a bad thing, having received a lot of bad ones...

> If an organization has a legitimate and documented reason to send
> more than, say 5 or 10 'substantially similar' messages per unit time
> - then let them be "licensed" (for want of a better term) and subject
> to whatever controls are available....
> That would simply stop bulk mailers cold - of course it's easy to
> conceive of these things when one has no concept of how the "system"
> works as whole... which I of course most assuredly do not.
Haven't you wondered about the random garbage words attached
to many spam messages? That is to make tests such as this harder.

All you would do with a measure like this is to cause more random
garbage being attached to spam. Spammers are not sitting on their
thumbs ignoring all new measures being implemented.
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