AOL disks

From: Charles P. Hobbs <>
Date: Fri Sep 3 12:52:31 2004

>>>>> So we're a bunch of Hardware/Software conservationists and
>>>> up to 10% of us are dedicated to destroying old software on CDs.
>>>> Considering the number of AOL disks flaoting around out
>>>> there I consider that a GOOD thing!
> While AOL CD's are (currently) an extreme case. Think back to all of the
> items that were once "all too common junk" and are now lost entirely. Did
> any of us ever think the stuff would become rare?

I remember when AOL disks were floppies. At least you'd get a free

Hmmm....I remember seeing an AOL disk for an *Apple II* around here,
wonder if it would still work....
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