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From: Patrick <>
Date: Fri Sep 3 14:51:59 2004

> >>> Well, if I had a dollar for every time we got blamed for
> >>> another ISP's activities (or that of the client
> >>> themselves), I wouldn't be writing this from my desk at
> >>> work. I feel your pain, but it's part of the job.
> I know, but I don't have to LIKE it....although after 25+ years on the job
> have to question why I do it if I don't like it....

Same for me, and if you're like me, it's the big paychecks, supermodels,
expensive cars, and sacks of fan mail that keep it alive and make it all
worth it. ;-) Seriously, I love it. My customers don't know internet
stuff, but they know their business, and my business gives me a unique
opportunity to participate in their business and help them run it, and I
learn something from them every day; hopefully I'm returning the favor.

> This is NOT a slam on them, rather it points out the need for analysis
> includes BOTH business and technical experts. One alone can NOT do the

Absolutely. For myself, I've also learned a lot about finance (by
necessity). I trust myself more to do financial analysis than I trust my
accountant to do a technical analysis. :-)

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