AOL disks

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Date: Fri Sep 3 19:24:40 2004

>I remember when AOL disks were floppies. At least you'd get a free supply....

Of crappy floppies... :-O At least they were OK for xferring drivers &
whatnot between machines, if you didn't need to keep the data long.

>Hmmm....I remember seeing an AOL disk for an *Apple II* around here,
>wonder if it would still work....

I'd bet it would work great *on ePay*... ;-)

Roger "Merch"

heh, I still got my Apple // AOL access kit. It would not work with my Laser
128. I had to borrow a friend's //c to connect. Dealing with those cursed
shrinkit archives was not easy with a single floppy drive either.
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