HP2100A available (Bristol, UK)

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Fri Sep 3 21:47:39 2004

Ed wrote....
> these are all the same picture of the flat of the core board....

Yes, but you might try manually typing in hp2, hp3, hp4 in the URL and
you'll get the other pictures.

Somehow I knew Ed would be looking at this one :)

This 2100 looks like it has been kept (or was kept) in a very harsh
environment as far as air contamination. I would suspect (and the pictures
suggest, although not conclusively) that the heavy soot is thoroughly all
over the inside of the unit. More than a wipedown is needed before trying
this one's power switch. I'd pay special attention to a cleanout of the
power supply and the wirewrap backplane underneath. I'd suggest electronics
degreaser, this one is probably going to need a lot more than just
compressed air. If you've ever taken apart a 2100A/S power supply, there's
just no room at all inside them to get your fingers in and clean.

Funny though, the core board that was pulled out looks quite clean.

The switch covers appear to all be intact, that's a good thing. The system
has 32K, a complete cpu cardset including A9, but no telling which firmware
options are installed. There are no I/O cards of any kind in it, which leads
me to believe the system was either a spare, or picked apart. Cant hook up
anything at all without at least one I/O board.

The front panel has some abrasions it looks like on the right, an airbrush
gun with the right paint and that would be perfect again.

I wouldn't call it a mint system by any means... perhaps "fair". Certainly
restorable from a cosmetic standpoint at the least.

Jay West
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