HP2100A available (Bristol, UK)

From: Francis Bell <classiccmp_at_hexamon.org>
Date: Wed Sep 1 19:05:30 2004

Free to the first person who can collect it:

I have an HP 2100A looking for a new home; this system doesn't come with
any peripherals, it's just the system unit.

I have no idea what the modules are in this system, but at least one of
appears to be a magnetic core store. I've never switched this system on,
so I don't know what condition it is in - I'd certainly recommend
the power supply offline before use. Since I have no software for this,
it's most likely to be useful to someone who has the software and

The date shown on the chips would point to a manufacture date arond
This system in in Bristol UK, it's heavy and fragile and therefore I
prefer not to ship it. Priority will be given to anyone who can
collect, but
if there are none such then I am prepared to ship it provided the taker
covers my packaging and
shipping costs plus any import duties.

Some photos are available at:

http://www.hexamon.org/hp2100/hp1.jpg core memory module
http://www.hexamon.org/hp2100/hp1.jpg modules top view
http://www.hexamon.org/hp2100/hp1.jpg inside system
http://www.hexamon.org/hp2100/hp1.jpg front panel

If you are interested, pleae send an email to

hp2100 (at) hexamon.org

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