Teledisk problem

From: Richard Lynch <>
Date: Wed Sep 1 21:46:25 2004

on 9/1/04 9:46 AM, Christian Corti at wrote:

> On Tue, 31 Aug 2004, Richard Lynch wrote:
>> disk, but I can't be sure because I can't recreate the disk. It gets to 32
>> sectors and can't find anymore. I have a similar problem trying to use
>> Anadisk to format an 8" floppy. I set it to 48 sectors, but it only writes
>> out to 32 sectors.
> What disk format are you trying to create? Nearly all PC floppy
> controllers (and probably other controllers, too) can't handle more than
> 32 sectors/track. I've found one that could do more (up to about 50) but I
> don't remember the type right now (maybe a DP8473). Other things that
> could cause problems are the GAP sizes which can't be made too small. I
> tried it when I wanted to create 52 sec/trk MFM disks, although 26 sec/trk
> FM works fine.
> Christian
In Anadisk, I set the parameters to MFM, High Density, 128K sector size, 77
tracks, 48 sectors. It appears to format it correctly, but when I go to
scan it afterward, it says the sector IDs are 1-32.
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