Rust on tape heads

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sat Sep 4 18:30:42 2004

> I guess I should have been more specific, and say that 3M company makes a
> line of abrasives that use the scotchbrite technology but are MUCH finer,
> (10000 grit or so I think is the bottom end, I don't use anything finer
> than 1800) and these have supplanted most of the bar substances in the

You might also look at a _good_ jewellery equipment supplier (I'd go to
H. S. Walsk, simply because they're near here). They stock some
'interesting' polising abrasives that might well be useable on tape heads
(they are certainly usable on optical parts.

> I suppose at some level this gets into the individual owner vs museum
> debate where many of the things we do to old computers shouldn't be done
> by other than trained professionals, supremely confidant in the execution

You've struck a raw nerve there!

Never underestimate the skill, equipment, or abilities of a true
enthusiast. No, they're probably not trained to do the job, but that's a
good thing, because it may mean they really understand what they are
doing and are not going to do something stupid as a result (all too
often, 'training' at least in the UK simply means knowing a procedure to
follow, and following it, even if it's totally the wrong thing to do!).

No I don't claim to be able to lap a tape head. But I do claim that I
routinely do things that the manufacturers claim are impossible to do in
the field, and I have no problems at all...

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