OT: Really Big Jacobs-Ladders

From: O. Sharp <ohh_at_drizzle.com>
Date: Sun Sep 5 00:32:06 2004

It's somewhat off-topic, but judging by the joy everyone got out of CD
destruction I thought it would go over well anyway. :) MPEGs of a pair
of pretty spectacular, somewhat-unintentional, power-line Jacobs Ladders
(one of them three-phase, the other producing a prolonged 50-foot arc)
and also a little movie about what happens when your neighborhood
transformer shorts to ground:

There's also a link at the bottom of the page to show how to shrink coins
using about 100,000 amps of pulsed magnetic field. It's nice to know
there are other people out there having fun too. :) :)

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