Updates to the Little Orphan Tomy Tutor site

From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_floodgap.com>
Date: Sun Sep 5 01:53:03 2004

Updates have (finally) been completed to the Little Orphan Tomy Tutor page.
This page is dedicated to the Tomy Tutor, an unusual brother of the Texas
Instruments 99/4A, and its Japanese and UK relatives, featuring pictures,
scans, documentation, programming information, cartridge lists, hardware
specifications and more.

The URL: http://www.floodgap.com/retrobits/tomy/

Updates this time around:
* A completely new and separate section for the Tomy Pyuuta series, with
  complete photographs of the inside and out of the rare Japanese Pyuuta and
  the even rarer Pyuuta Mk II, and screen shots and manual scans where
  available. (Pyuuta Jr. section coming soon when I land one of them. ^^)
* Redone photographs of the main unit and motherboard, including how to take
  apart the unit and identify major components, as well as new photographs
  of packaging, ad copy and peripherals.
* Additional screenshots and cartridges in the Incomplete Catalogue, including
  the "3-D" series.
* GPL LIVES! Raphael Nabet provides new information that an unusual variant
  of GPL does indeed lurk within the Tomy (rats!) on the TI vs. Tomy section,
  and also contributes large amounts of information to update the Memory Map.
* Hardware page updated with new information about Tutor hardware mappings
  and ROM banking strategies.
* Various custodial updates.

Please let me know about any questions or inaccuracies. Have fun!

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