Fraud offer from GB, How to deal with it?

From: Dave Mabry <>
Date: Sun Sep 5 20:35:01 2004

David V. Corbin wrote:
>>>>I know of people who "collect" those fraudulent checks and
>>>>hang them on their wall. Let the scammer think you've
>>>>accepted the deal. At least cost him the money of sending
>>>>you a check. Often they send it overnight to get it to you
>>>>quickly so you will send him the difference via Western
>>>>Union or other wire transfer that can't be reversed.
> I definitely do NOT recomment this approach. You will have given your
> identity in a very physical sense to the spammer. In the case of the person
> I referred to in an earlier post (who I just found out is on holiday),
> threats were made when he refused to cache the check [even though he offered
> to return it].

I've never heard of those kind of threats, but I know many people who
have had fun jerking the scammers around. Recommend whatever you want.
  If it were me I'd have fun.

Dave Mabry   
Dossin Museum Underwater Research Team
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