cctalk Digest, Vol 13, Issue 10

From: Scott Stevens <>
Date: Mon Sep 6 00:18:17 2004

On Sat, 4 Sep 2004 15:45:29 -0500
Mark Tapley <> wrote:

> ard wrote:
> >I always prefered the catostatic.
> >
> >[OK, a joke. I have a book on making electrostatic generators and one
> >of them is called the catostatic. As you may have guessed by now,
> >this involves stroking your cat and collecting the accumulated charge
> >in a Leyden jar... Knowing my cat, he'd probably get rather fed up
> >with the whole idea...]
> >
> >-tony
> I can't resist. If he's fed up, get a cat wrestler to teach you a
> good hode to put on him so he won't escape. (Get it? cat-hode?)
> Of course, that only works on a young cat - never anode one.
> --
> - Mark
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I have always been a strong advocate of equal-time. As such, I on
occasion, at the workplace, advocate that we set up a Pro-Static
workstation. It would be a workbench with a cats-fur work surface and
all glass tools. Workers would be instructed to wear the special
polyester smock while working at that station. Obviously, it would be
designated as the workstation for servicing vacuum-tube equipment (we
have some where I am presently working, including a General Radio Megohm
Bridge that sees daily use).
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