Econet for an RML380Z?

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Mon Sep 6 15:05:46 2004

On Mon, 2004-09-06 at 14:13 +0100, Dan Williams wrote:
> Turned this up on google :
> MACE system
> REGARDING Mr Taurin's letter (Micromail, October 1983) concerning the
> use of 380Z disc drives in a network of BBC Micros, MACE
> (Microelectronics and Computers in Education) have a network which
> will allow up to seven BBC Micros to use a 380Z as a file server and
> as a printer.

Ta for finding that. I contacted someone else who has an MDFS Econet
fileserver, and interestingly they have two releases of the
documentation. The 1987 version is like mine, and mentions RML380Z
machines with Econet. By the 1992 release, the relevant section has been
rewritten and the references removed. (Of course by 1992 RML were
presumably offering Nimbus machines and the 380Z/480Z line was dead)

I wonder if Econet for the 380Z was vapourware? I'm not sure when RML
first released their CHAIN network (and thus the proprietary thin-wire
network boards for the 380Z). Makes me wonder if there was a point in
history when RML were considering using Econet - somewhere around 1987 -
and instead built their own proprietary network...

Info that's lost in the mists of time I suppose! :-/


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