Someone pays $399 for IBM Dos 1.0

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Mon Sep 6 16:03:14 2004

On Sun, 5 Sep 2004, Scott Stevens wrote:
> If the buyer wanted to run binaries on DOS 1.0 I have the IBM Basic
> Compiler 1.0 manual/diskette set here. I should someday build a
> file of some sort and see if it runs on current Windows OSes.
> I imagine the 1.0 developer tools are more scarce than the OS. I have
> Pascal 1.0 also. It's all creaky old stuff, designed to do compiler
> passes on 'high end' (for the time) dual floppy drive systems.

The FORTRAN 1.0, BASIC 1.0, etc. were written using the Pascal.
The author of the Pascal compiler (Bob Wallace) recommended
never using the Pascal run-time library.
The FORTRAN was OK for teaching beginning programming classes,
but the code that it produced was slower than interpreted BASIC.

The old tools are pretty easy to find. I have MASM 1.0 handy,
and could maybe dig out some of the others.
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