Keyboards & Conductive Rubber

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Date: Mon Sep 6 18:24:19 2004

> Hi Guys,
> I'm trying to revive a keyboard (integrated into a vintage computer so
> it's kinda important) - this is the kind where there's a PCB with lots of
> "pads" in the scanning matrix, and the keys push a little pad of "conductive
> rubber" down onto the PCB pads to make the connection.

This design is still common in remotes. That where you will get new
pads from. Cutting off old and gluing good conductive pads on is
matter of excerise up to yours.

Oh, the failure mode losing conducivitiy in pads themselves like
this is really common too. This what we had to replace remotes or
repair them with good pads from another in our TV shop. We have
about six legal size filing boxes full of those remotes.



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