*** Ideas needed for developing interactive displays....

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A paperclip computer might be nice..

I was lucky enough to pick up the book from a charity book sale for $1. It's
pretty neat, and explains the basics of computers very well (Registers,
memory, ALU, etc...) An oversized version using knife switches and lamps
would be neat.

P.S. Anyone play with the "Pro" version of this thing?

Impressions 5 science museum in Lansing, MI used to have a "Design your own
car" exhibit that ran on an IBM PC (Boring) But attached to the PC was a
PDP11 controlling a GIANT table plotter, at least as big as a snooker table,
donated by Ford. The design your own car part was boring, most kids would
just input anything to watch the giant plotter work. Man I wanted that

The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI used to have a really cool exhibit
showing how assembly lines work. It was a big, two story tall contraption
which would send colored balls around various chutes and conveyors. About
ten kids would have to work together to "Harvest" the balls, sort and
seperate them into various bins. It was a lot more fun that it sounds. Kind
of like a giant Rokenbach playset. Not really computer related, but a good
example of making a (relatively) mundane topic interesting.

Slightly OT, the Henry Ford museum is super cool, well worth the trip if
anyone is in the Detroit area. It's what got me interested in machines, and
computers, in general. I had an obsession with steam engines when I was
young, mostly because of this thing:


.. not to mention this thing:


It's even larger than the picture makes it out to be. They also have the
only intact Bucky Fuller Dymaxion house in existance:


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Most of our displays here at the museum are pretty static.....

we are looking for ideas on introducing some interactive component... ideas

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