*** Ideas needed for developing interactive displays....

From: John Allain <allain_at_panix.com>
Date: Tue Sep 7 18:26:27 2004

Have running software. It requires research as to what could be unique and
interesting. But there will be finds for you to make and then therefore
your visitors. For common machines (C64,etc.) you could run it on the
actual HW. For larger things use a simulator and have the wires disappear
into the artifact just as if it was that machine doing the processing.
Seems like obvious choices.

There is an 8" Fujitsu SMD HD here that I once had enough of to run with the
cover off the diagnostics made it do non trivial things and a crash did not
happen in the one test we did. The cover may have even been planar,
meaning it would be easy to make a see-through one.

John A.
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