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From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Tue Sep 7 18:54:17 2004

>> Actually, that reminds me - I saw a chap in the UK trying to get rid of
>> several kilos of the stuff a short while ago. I can't help thinking that
>> *something* interesting could be made using it, although I'm not sure
>> what.
>My first 3 thoughts, in no particular order :
>Barometer (or other manometer-type pressure gauge)
>Mercury delay line (hey, that's on-topic)
>Developing Dageurrotypes (?spell) (No, I don't intend to try this, I may
>hack cameras as well as computers, but I don't intend to start boiling

 Telescope makers use it to make small "pin holes" in photo graphic
plates and film. You smash some and it makes hundreds of tiny specs
that are almost perfectly spherical. These cast shadows on the the
photo material. The film that is exposed turns dark, leaving the
tiny clear spots. One simple mask off the ones that are not used.
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