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From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Tue Sep 7 20:36:09 2004

>From: "William Donzelli" <>
>> I suspect the hazmat team over reacted just a little.
>This is often the case - the hazmat guys I have talked to have been pretty
>reasonable, but due to public pressure, they often have to put on a show.
>> Mercury in elemental form is not all that dangerous ( or
>> most of us old timers would be dead or vegetables by now ).
>> It is most dangerous as salts or as long term exposure
>> to vapor.
>Finally someone speaks the truth! Elemental mercury mostly passes thru the
>body in one big blob, and very little is absorbed. I think it is rarely
>used as an antibiotic, as well.
>The compounds are the nasty things, as they due damage pretty
>quickly. Also, mercury vapor is also very dangerous *even in short
>periods of exposure*! The poor guys in South America that purify gold thru
>amalgamation (and the subsequent vaporizing to get the mercury back) tend
>to have very short lives if they are not careful.

 People that made hats used to use mercury ( I don't know what for )
but that is where the term "Mad as a Hatter" came from. The vapor
was known to cause mental problems as well as other physical problems.
 Maybe it is already too late for Sellam. Remember his Altar comment.
A sure sign he is missing some marbles.
 I used to handle the stuff a lot when I was a kid and it hasn't
hardly effected me ( has it? ).

>William Donzelli
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