Classic computers FREE to a good home!

From: David Young <>
Date: Tue Sep 7 22:45:48 2004

Hi! I'm new to this list, so please humour me.

When I was a young lad, my dad, who was in the Radio business from 1925
onwards, lamented the loss of hundreds, if not thousands of classic radios.
During the depression years, they robbed the old ones for parts and burned
those beautiful wood cabinets for heat.

With this in mind, I have kept/collected several old computers... all from
the pre-Apple era. These include an IMS system (w/5mb HD!), 2 North*Star
Horizon's, and (I may keep this last one) a Polymorphic 88. Terminals are
by Morrow, a Lear-Siegler ADM-3A, a Cybernex L46006 and a Soroc-IQ-120. I
even have and early Compaq luggable.

The POLY-88 and the two N*S Horizons were my own machines. Now, sadly, I
use an up to date PC. BTW: The Poly-88 is fitted out with dual N*Star
floppies, but I do have the original serial cassette interface card!

Now, I am moving and can no longer afford the space, so I wish to give them
away - to someone who will appreciate them. They're too good to take to
the dump.

All were working when taken out of service... all have been stored indoors,
and dry. All in very good nick.

I have most of the diskettes (mostly 5 1/4" sizes) and original
documentation. I also have a large box of spare S-100 memory and I/O cards
(Even a clock/calendar on an S-100 board!) and various spare drives - in
both 48 track SS & DS and 96 track DS - hard sector. Also have (if I can
find it) a copy of McDos which grafted 96tpi floppies onto N*S Horizon disk
systems. I think I may even have a printout of the source code for it! (No
guarantees on that one!) I also have some old Borland publications and some
original CPM documentation.

Sadly, too much to keep and move. :(

Ah! I hear you say... what is the catch?

And, yes, there is one... and it's a biggie!

I am in Victoria, B.C., and am not in a position to pack and ship. So,
this offer is really only good for someone in Western Canada or the North
West USA, who is willing to drive over and collect the stuff.

The second catch is that its available only as one lot. Sorry, no time to
get involved with 6 people who each want different bits.

If you're interested, please reply off list, please.

Many thanks.

David Young, | ?galit?, libert?,
Victoria, CANADA | fraternit? et Beaujolais.

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