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From: David Vohs <netsurfer_x1_at_fastmailbox.net>
Date: Wed Sep 8 01:08:32 2004

Glad to hear that you're still with us Joe! So, how 'bout them
hurricanes ;P ?

By the way, you wouldn't happen to know how bad (or good) NHC did with
the forecast? I'm only asking because I work over at JTWC (Joint Typhoon
Warning Center) here in Pearl Harbor, and we just love to make fun of
those guys over there. It's funny that they say they're busy over there
when there are only two storms. 2+ storms are the norm for us! And we
don't get an "off" season (don't forget about the southern hemisphere!).

Yeah, it seems like Florida, Taiwan, the Philippines & Korea are just
bad places to live this year.

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From: "Joe R." <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
To: cctalk_at_classiccmp.org
Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2004 13:16:30 -0400
Subject: survived another one!

  Second hurricane in three weeks!! Just got power back after hurricane
Frances. This one was HUGE!!!! It reached from the FIorida Keys to
Ga! It started raining here Friday. HEAVY rain and winds all day
and Sunday. More rain Monday (and a curfew in effect). Today (1:30 PM
Tuesday) some rain bands are still passing through. Three tornadoes in
area yesterday and another today. The worst of the storm was south of
this time and everything around here that could be blown down was
down due to Charlie so now as much damage this time but HUGE amounts of
rain. I set my canoe outside last week and it was FILLED completely full
rain by Friday night. Luckily Florida is flat so rain doesn't

    NOW it looks like we're in the path of Hurricane Ivan!!! It's
scheduled to be in this area about Sunday or Monday. UnF***ING

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