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From: John Foust <jfoust_at_threedee.com>
Date: Wed Sep 8 08:27:57 2004

At 08:56 PM 9/7/2004, Jay West wrote:
>Let me speak from my past history of owning software and manual copyrights.
>My argument does not center around law though, that's separate topic for
>which I hire lawyers. This is more of an owners view into when he decides to
>set loose the sharks....

A well-reasoned response! I agree that open sales at a fixed
price will always be a trigger that inflames a copyright-holder,
although of course, the trigger can be much less - as in peer-
to-peer redistribution of music.

However, the genie is out of the bottle the moment the docs
are posted on a give-away web site.

How can you stop anyone in the world who decides they want to harvest
web sites and assemble a convenient collection on CD/DVD/hard disk,
then sell it on eBay?

It's easy to imagine that a zealous or well-funded copyright holder
would add the web site owner's name to the lawsuit.

There are gobs of these sorts of discs on eBay... all the "secret"
and "unknown" documents that someone grabbed from web sites.

- John
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