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Date: Wed Sep 8 11:22:20 2004

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>> Oh Yeah! The back porch (roofless) was still stacked full of Intel
>> MDS-2xxs and the front was stacked full of DEC stuff. It all got soaked but
>> none blew away. The house was FULL and no room for these big items.
>Clean 'em with distilled water,

   Nature already took care of that part!

then leave to dry for a few days - good as
>new :)

   I hope so. Actaully a lot of the stuff that I get has already been out
in the rain before I get them. (It rains nearly everyday here in the summer
and we has heavy dew most mornings thanks to 90+ percent humidity levels.)
I've found that rain usually doesn't hurt anything. What hurts it is
staying wet (full of water or laying on the ground),

>If you really feel pessimistic, get a toothbrush and clean every single
>component with 90% isopropanol :)
>OTOH, if you feel brave, pull the boards and run them through a dishwasher.

   I'd already pulled the most usefull boards and stored them inside. The
remainder of the boards, CRTs, PSUs MIGHT eventually be usefull but I
should already have all the parts that I'll ever need. I currently have
eight fully operable MDS-800, two operable and one non-op MDS-2xxs and lots
of spare parts. I don't really have the room to store the remaining
chassis. That's why they're sitting outside.


>Can't remember what settings to use, but it supposedly works wonders as long
>as you don't mind having a few labels ripped off the board here and there
>(and a few electrolytics might break off if you're real unlucky).
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