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From: Stan Barr <>
Date: Wed Sep 8 03:33:04 2004


Roger Merchberger <> said:

> My grandfather said rather emphatically - "I've used my teeth on lead
> sinkers my whole life, and have been soldering just as long - it's *never*
> affected me! I'm still an intelligent individual in command of my faculties!"
> I replied: "I'm not doubting you're a smart guy. But how do you know the
> lead didn't affect you? Without that lead in your system you might have
> been twice as smart as you are now."
> That pretty much ended the heated part of the discussion.

I've been soldering for the past 48 years or so and I've done a *lot*
of shooting and bullet casting, so my exposure to metallic lead has
been very high. Beacuse I was taken ill a few years ago with something
that could be, remotely, explained by heavy metal poisening I was
thouroughly tested for lead. My lead levels are right in the middle
of the expected levels for someone living in an urban environment,
so my uptake of lead from my activities must have been minimal.

The trouble is my brain works 100% normally and about 50% when I get
tired, and not at all before my first cup of coffee in the morning :-)

Stan Barr
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