Fraud offer from GB, How to deal with it?

From: Thilo Schmidt <>
Date: Tue Sep 7 03:22:55 2004

> On Monday 06 September 2004 23:19, Teo Zenios wrote:
> Yeah, but he has no *proof* that the guy is trying to be fraudulent, and
> considering it's crossing international boundaries, the local cops
> probably aren't going to be able/willing to do much. If you get the
> guy to send you a bad check, you've got some proof that something's up.
> Anyways, who doesn't like to be a little "reckless". This guy sounds
> more like a scammer, it's not quite the same as screwing with your
> local drug dealer/mob boss. :)

I missed the first few mails on this subject so I don't know
if this site has already been mentioned:




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