DEC Storageworks BA356 questions

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Date: Wed Sep 8 17:32:19 2004

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> Subject: DEC Storageworks BA356 questions
> drive containers each. The fan modules say BA35X-MD 2x which
> makes me suspect that I have a pair of DEC Storageworks BA356
> enclosures. They are gray in color.
> They each have a personality module, apparently both BA35X-MH.

16bit personality modules for wide-SCSI drives - the 8bit version was
BA35X-MG. This means you should have 2 68 pin plugs on there; make sure you
use the one down the side of the module rather than on the end. The end one
was for cascading.
> What do the switches do? The personality module with the
> sticker on it that says SHELF 2 does NOT have the switches
> set according to the decal on the module-- they are all off,
> whereas on the decal, one is advised to turn switches 1-3 on
> and leave 4-7 off.

I never had to change the switches on those; typically they were left unless
you were cascading shelves. I can check some -MH modules in the office
tomorrow if you're still stuck then.
> The module from the other unit is marked SHELF 1 and is in
> fact set the way the decal advises.

You've got a cascaded pair there then.

> Are these personality modules in fact RAID controllers?

Nope, purely personality modules to support 16bit disks.
> Or do the SCSI ID numbers assigned by the enclosure get
> passed through to the SCSI connector?

Correct; the SCSI ID is based on shelf number and which port on the host
machine you're plugged into.
> Is there any software out there to configure these units as
> to what flavor of RAID to use? E.g. for Windows XP or Red Hat Linux?

No need - it's all hardware based - plug disks into shelf, plug shelf into
host machine and use disks :)

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