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From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Wed Sep 8 19:43:00 2004

Does the collective list wisdom include repair hints for an HP LaserJet
IIISi? I have one. Yesterday, I turned it on, same as a zillion times
before, and it didn't come up normally; it was making an odd ticking
noise. I went to see what was up and smelled that unpleasant smell
that usually means the magic smoke has been let out of something. I
turned it off immediately and have been spending the last hour or so
trying to figure out how to disassemble it to find out what's fried
(and try to estimate how user-replaceable it may be).

But it's being difficult, and my replacement capabilities tend to
operate at a coarser FRU grain than, say, Tony's :-); service doc would
help (even if only the kind Tony not entirely unjustly calls just a
boardswapping guide - it'd still help with things like mechanical
disassembly). Someone with experience with the things would help even
more, of course, but I can't really expect to be that lucky.

I'm still working on pulling it apart to find out what let out that
unpleasant smell....

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