[GreenKeys] Model 35KSR anyone?? (fwd)

From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_panix.com>
Date: Thu Sep 9 09:07:51 2004

  An FYI for the List - I'm not affiliated in any way - and I already have
one of these beasties; a nice, solid machine...

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I have a very nice full-size Teletype Model 35KSR available.
The typing unit appears to have never been used. Everything works,
and the machine has the standard 20 ma. interface. The thing weighs
about 150 lbs and shipping won't be cheap...but you know that!
I will part with this treasure for $35 and can recommend a shipper.
I can send pictures to anyone interested, but you'll have to
wait until the weekend (when I'm at a home).
Reason for selling: I need the space...for some reason my wife would
like to park her car in the garage this winter(!). So, as I move
stuff out of the garage and into the radio room, things are getting
tight. When a difficult TTY decision has to be made, ASCII
goes first! It is being replaced with two TT-4's and a TT-76
(Kleinschmidt's) and a complete AN/GRC-106 HF radio setup.
(if you do the math, you'll notice that the newly-added stuff will
take up more room than the 35...I said it was getting tight!)
If interested, let me know...offer good only to Greenkeyers.
If you come to pick up it (near Albany, NY) you might get some
other goodies thrown into the deal.
Otherwise, off to Ebay.


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