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From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Thu Sep 9 11:46:00 2004

>From: "der Mouse" <>
>Also fortunately, it's a common-as-dirt value (220?F 35V), though since
>it appears to be a power decoupling cap, the exact value is probably
>not critical.

 It looks like you found the problem. I wonder if this was
one of those caps that were made with the stolen formula
for the electrolyte. I would guess that replacing the
cap should put it back in working order. Do clean the
board of the material that comes out of the cap. It isn't
highly corrosive but it will cause damage over time.
 Even though you don't see a great need for a duplexer,
they are quite cheap on ebay. HP wanted soemthing like
$450 for these. I payed $15 plus shipping. The envelope
feeder was about the same.
 The local Staples store ( a local office supply company )
was getting rid of old obsolete toners. I bought two HP
toner assemblies for $25 each. This is the cheapest I've
ever seem them. I've seen other manufactures for around
$60 each.
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