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From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Thu Sep 9 13:28:12 2004

>> I would guess that replacing the cap should put it back in working
>> order.
> I've now removed the cap. [...]

Duh, I forgot to say: I've more than removed the dead cap.

The bottom of the cap is visibly damaged; it has lost a good deal of
some black material. The baord is also visibly damaged; the
component-side etch under the capacitor has lost its coating, and the
board is significantly pitted, too.

I replaced it with a 220/35 cap from my parts drawer; when I put the
result in place, turning it on produced another flash of light from
that area. I removed it again and cleaned the area with water and an
old toothbrush and let it dry overnight.

Now, the power supply no longer does the tick-tick-tick overload thing;
it comes on and stays on. But it doesn't work; I get the usual walking
lights, then the 05 SELF TEST display, then SWITCHING TO PS; after a
bit, it changes to 55 SERVICE. This may be because I still have all
the covers off - there may be sensor switches - or it may be because
the pc board damage has broken a critical etch run or something. I do
note a very faint ticking noise, disturbingly reminiscent of the one I
mentioned before - but far less frequent (maybe every five seconds) and
a great deal softer; I had to listen closely to be sure I wasn't
imagining it.

I think one of you said something about having a service manual; does
it happen to say what 55 SERVICE means?

Failing that, does anyone happen to have a spare board? It's the
smaller of the two digital logic boards - the one that measures
something like 6 by 8 inches, the one you have to remove the big one to
get at. (I don't _like_ boardswapping, but absent the tools and doc
I'd need to diagnose this one, I see little alternative.)

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