Old DEC LSI-11 gear

From: Tom Peters <tpeters_at_mixcom.com>
Date: Thu Sep 9 14:28:59 2004

Hello all.

I've got a buncha DEC stuff in storage. The time has come for me to clean
it out. I'd like to see it go to someone that would do something with it,
but I'm not sure that person exists. Ideally, such a person would find it
in there hearts to hand me a few bucks too, but its starting to look like
that might be a bit much to ask.

Trouble is, there's little that has a genuine DEC logo on it.

The backplane is (I think) Netcom. It's Q-Bus. I think it's an 11/02. 28k
words memory. I have a heathkit floppy controller and eight inch drive and
some diskettes for it.

I have a realtime clock/calendar card for it. I wrote a little piece of
Fortran / RT-11 macro code for it to set the RT-11 clock from the card.

I have four Diablo 31 drives, RK05 emulators, only one is crispy and won't
load any more. Probably the interface buffers, can't be too hard to fix. I
have an armload of disk packs for them. There's a word
processing/spreadsheet package called Saturn, Fortran, Macro, enough of
the O/S to build any variant of RT-11 (like F/B, realtime, etc).

Last time I powered it all up, it booted RT-11.

I'm located in the mid-west, in Wisconsin.

Anyone suggest a kindly collector that might want it and would be willing
to come and get it, or pay for shipping?

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