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From: Paul Koning <pkoning_at_equallogic.com>
Date: Thu Sep 9 17:07:58 2004

>>>>> "Bryan" == Bryan Pope <bpope_at_wordstock.com> writes:

 Bryan> Which to buy? I am looking at two different ones - The WTCPT
 Bryan> which you have to buy different tips to control temperature or
 Bryan> the WES51 which has adjustabel temperatur control and is a
 Bryan> little cheaper.

 Bryan> I know either one would probably be a good investment but what
 Bryan> is the advantage of one over the other?

I have a WTCPS (predecessor of the WTCPT, same technology). It's an
excellent device.

Apart from my extra-big tip (which is the 800 F variant) all the
others are the standard 700 F. I've never run into a need for
variable temperature. Selectable tip size, yes, but that of course
requires a new tip either way.

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