Printer help?

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Thu Sep 9 18:13:52 2004

> I went to do this, but when I put it all back together and turned it
> on, all armed with a voltmeter to check power, when I turned it on one
> of the LEDs on the DC controller board came on, something I cannot
> recall happening before. So I just let it sit, and darned if it
> doesn't work fine - all sprawled all over the table, but working.

Ah... Assuming you don't have an intermittant fault.

At least on the CX and SX, some failures (particularly fuser overheating)
will cause one of the microcontollers on the DC controller to charge a
capacitor). This capacitor only discharges when the machine is off (if
the microcontroller detects it's charged, it keeps it charged) and takes
about 20 minutes to do so (the idea is to ensure the fuser has cooled
down, etc). I could tell you what cap it is on the CX or SX, but it
wouldn't help you.

> No, neither of those. I refer to two sockets on the DC controller
> board. One is a two-pin socket in the upper right (looking from the
> right side of the printer at the board mounted in place), the rightmost
> socket on the top edge of the board; the other is a socket of, if I
> counted right, 30 pins in a 2x15 array, on the left edge of the board;

The latter might be for a test box (the SX DC contorller has a 20 pin
connector for this, it's next to the test button. On the SX, the DC
contorller is at the bottom, the text button is accessible through a hole
in a plate on the side of the base pan ,if you take the plate off (1
screw) you can plug in the text box).

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