Anyone know how to set Aux port speed on Datamedia DT/80

From: Dave Dunfield <>
Date: Sat Sep 11 05:11:55 2004

Hi Guys,

Just acquired a Datamedia DT/80 (nostalgic value - spent many 100s of
hours in front of one of these during earlier parts of my career).

Don't have docs, however it's a pretty accurate VT-100 clone, and almost
everything from the VT-100 manual is exactly right. However, it has an
AUX port which the VT-100 doesn't ... I can set set TX and RX speed with
SETUP-B '7' and '8', however ASPD shows at 50 and I can't find anything
to budge it...

Anyone know how to set the Aux port speed on a DT/80 ?
Are there any settings for Aux port data bits, parity, flow-control etc.?

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