Rotating memory data recovery

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Sat Sep 11 16:42:25 2004

   A simple method of sync would have to be worked out, but, being the
AnalogGeek(tm) that I am, I'd be tempted to record the bitstreams as
square-wave audio data to some kind of DAW software... perahps with a
small amount of roll-off (6dB/oct) coming out of the head amp would limit
the bandwidth and make the PC or Mac's soundcard happier..... if you
could get a 'whole drum after this pulse' (sort of like capturing one
video frame) sync set up, then you could record each track onto a similar
parallel track in the DAW.... later this can be 'played back' to recover
the data.... worst-case is that you have to inspect and slipsyunc
individual tracks....

  Recording this would be fairly tedious but apart from a high-speed
multi-track data-logger, It would get the job done.

   Gold-Wave would be a candidate for this, or the 'free' version of

   Another thought would be to use an external audio osc and power-amp to
slow down the drum motor and make it easier to record the track pulses and
index marks... run the motor at 10 Htz or so.


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