Commodore PET disk drive power-up error codes

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sat Sep 11 23:47:10 2004

> [If it is a 2114, it will be the second one I've found dead in PET hardware
> over the past month - other was was video RAM in a 4032]

FWIW, I've had _lots_ of 2114s fail. I had to replace all of them in my
8050 (IIRC, if you hvave multiple RAM errors, you get the flash code for
the lowest bank first, then when you've replaced those you get the code
for the next bank, and so on...). I had to replace the video RAMs in my
TRS-80 Model 3. And the RAM in my HP82163 video interface. And more...

In my experiece the 2114 is one of the least reliable chips ever...

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